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Food Industries Management

Food Industries Management

In recent years the primary concern in the food industry is the traceability failure of the entire food chain which has decreased the confidence and trust the customer and consumer have on the food chain.
Many food companies have now implemented a food safety management system to bring the customer confidence back which is a complicated system to set up, maintain and improve.
This is where EQMS Qualipro comes into play to analyze and prevent danger, manage incidents and improve your food management system in accordance with various standards such as ISO 22000, FSSC2200, IFS, BRC etc.
EQMS Qualipro is a modular solution for effective quality management to ensure the safety of food products.

Benefits of EQMS Qualipro

  • 1Efficiently establish and verify your perquisites programs.
  • 2Assessment and analysis of food safety hazards.
  • 3Classification and validation of control measures.
  • 4Establish, monitor and verify your PRPs and CCPs through better document control.
  • 5Plan and evaluate emergency preparedness
  • 6 Management and traceability of food safety incidents with instant visibility and dynamic reviews.
  • 7Plan conformity of your FSMS to internal and external requirements as well as follow-up of the resulting actions.
  • 8Manage internal and external communication through its dynamic meeting module.
  • 9Instant reporting to analyze and improve the performance of your FSMS.
  • 10An intuitive and collaborative assessment of your internal performance through its indicator module.
  • 11Staff evaluation and training effectiveness.
  • 12Efficient management of food product non-conformities and complaints.
  • 13Quick preparation of management review preparedness.
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